Simple To Learn and Use

Many financial instruments can be complex, confusing and difficult to understand. Options options are far simpler. The reason they are simpler is because all you need to do is form a view on what the price of a defined asset will do.

Compare that to regular options. These require you to be confident on the price movement, but also the magnitude of that price movement.

Faster Results

Options options are ideally suited for today’s fast paced modern world. That’s because you can have contracts that are as short as 60 minutes. There are even rapid contracts that are only 60 seconds long!

That means that a trader is able to access many more investment opportunities per day. The frequency also offers far more flexibility than traditional options.

Manageable Risk

Forex is unpredictable and with that unpredictability comes risk to your investments and your trading account. However, with options your downside is limited. You can only lose the amount that you chose at the beginning to commit to that specific trade.

Low Fees

Fees are the number one reason that investment returns go from being good to only average. But unlike most financial products, there are options are usually fee and commission free. Instead, brokers make money on the difference between what they collect from loss making trades and what they pay investors for winning trades.


Options options require you to:

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What is the shortest contract available in the options market?

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Options options trading is often:

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