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Top 10 Best Forex Twitter Accounts In 2020


Best Forex Twitter Accounts Finance Illustrated

Twitter is a great place to go for trading information and education. If you are missing out on tweets from super successful traders and investors, you are missing out on money that could be made.

1.  @Schuldensuehner

Holger Zschaepitz, who is a senior editor of the Financial Desk of Welt, posts charts each day. It’s great to wake up each day to a snapshot of what’s happening in the global markets.

2.  @GoForexApp

A very solid app which teaches Forex trading and constantly updates you about current financial news. The app gets straight to the point by telling you everything you need to know with rich illustrations, that will make forex trading much more interesting for you.

3. @LizAnnSonders

As the chief investment strategist of Charles Schwab & Co. Sonders, she tweets out her thoughts about the economy. This is definitely one of the must follow twitter accounts to get a feel for how investment professionals think and act in the markets.

4.  @NorthmanTrader

Fantastic technical and macro advice from a highly followed investor with nearly 40k followers worldwide.

5. @bySamRo

This account is managed by the managing editor of Yahoo Finance. As you’d expect, his tweets demonstrate useful insights that can notify you of key data events coming up.

6. @ErikFossing

Erik Fossing Nielsen is the group chief economist at UniCredit. His tweets can provide you with immediate insight into political situations in Europe.

7. @KLCapital

This account is managed by the investment team of Gavekal Capital. They provide a lot of market updates from their blog and include excellent charts for you to follow.

8. @CiovaccoCapital

Managed by Chris Ciovacco, who is the founder and CEO of Ciovacco Capital Management. He tweets lots about the S&P 500 and provides excellent annotated charts to go with his tweets.

9. @JLyonsFundMGMT

Dana Lyons, a partner at J.Lyons Fund Management, manages this account. She provides an informative chart or trend which you can use as great opportunity to make profit.

10. @TDANSherrod

Nicole Sherrod runs this account. As the managing director of trading at TD Ameritrade, she tweets about top trades, charts on sector performance and other interesting and relevant information. Besides that, she also sneaks in updates on her own life.

Follow as many as you like and combine their knowledge with your own! We’re sure that one day you too will have thousands of followers as a super successful trader. Give us a message then!