Top 10 Finance TikTokers in 2022


best finance tiktok

Since being launched in 2016, TikTok has taken the internet by storm. In early 2021, the social media platform had 1.1 billion active users around the world. Whilst a lot of the content is purely for entertainment, you will also find a lot of valuable content. For example, you’ll find many channels on TikTok that discuss finance topics in a fun way. There’s content for beginners looking to learn more about personal finance all the way to experienced investors looking for advice on stocks.

To help you navigate the world of finance TikTokers, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 finance TikTokers in 2021. Enjoy!

1. @TheTradingGame 

The Trading Game is a growing nano influencer TikTok account. From explaining the maths behind dividends to sharing the top finance movies, The Trading Game discusses investing in a fun and easy way.

As well as sharing interesting investment videos, The Trading Game also built a trading simulator for people to learn the ropes before using their own money. The game has over 2 million downloads.

2. @MatteoFinanza

MatteoFinanza is an Italian finance expert who shares videos on a range of business topics. From quotes about money, to smart marketing, and even tax advice, Matteo’s videos are full of value. Be aware though that this channel is entirely in Italian, so you’ll need to understand the language to enjoy Matteo’s TikToks on finance and investment. 

matteo tiktok

3. @HumphreyTalks

With over 2.3 million followers, Humphrey Yang is one of the most popular personal finance accounts on TikTok. In his videos he talks about everything from saving on car insurance to explaining how the stock market works.  

He’s based in the United States, which means his tax and investment advice is aimed at Americans. That being said, a lot of his videos are useful personal finance or entrepreneurship tips that are relevant to everyone.

4. @BreakYourBudget

Break Your Budget is a channel that discusses money management tips for millennials. Michela, who runs the account, creates videos on everything from retirement basics to building a credit score. 

The account has over 635,000 followers and is rapidly growing everyday. There’s no surprise why Michela’s account is growing in popularity, as she empowers her followers to take control of their own finances.

5. @MarkTilbury

Mark Tilbury, the self-made millionaire, has amassed over 6.5 million followers on TikTok. Although Mark doesn’t fall into your average TikTok user age bracket, his videos are filled with value for any interested in money. 

Mark dropped out of school at 16 and eventually started his own business. The goal of his TikTok account now is to help young people reach their financial potential. His videos are known for their skits where Mark transforms into various characters to teach his audience about investment and finance. 

6. @PricelessTay

With over 1.1 million followers, Taylor Price is another TikTok legend in the finance realm. Taylor’s videos are known for breaking down complicated topics into easy to digest videos that are usually no more than 15 seconds. 

Topics she covers include cryptocurrencies, financial independence, and retiring early through smart investment decisions. As well as creating TikTok videos, Taylor founded TAP Intuit, a financial education platform that empowers people to master their money. 

7. @TikStocks

TikStocks is an investment and finance account with over 365K followers. It’s run by Robert Ross, a professional stock analyst. In his videos, Robert shares his tips and advice for choosing stocks. 

As well as analysing stocks, Robert also discusses and simplifies investment topics such as how cryptocurrencies work or how bond yields affect stocks. TikStocks is also popular on Instagram, where Robert shares daily trading ideas. 

8. @GirlsTalkStocks

Girls Talk Stocks is another great finance account run by Kayla Kilbride. Her tagline is “The girl who can turn your professor’s 60 minute lecture into a 60 second TikTok.” 

On Girls Talk Stocks, Kayla shares insights into her own investment journey and describes herself as a beginner investor herself. She discusses finance topics that she’s thoroughly researched before with the goal of teaching more young people about finance in a more digestible way.

9. @Errol_Coleman

Errol Coleman is a 22 year old TikToker who shares videos on trading and investing. In his videos, Errol talks about everything from his decision to pursue trading to resources that helped him learn.

His videos are a mixture of entertainment and education. As well as creating TikTok videos, Errol also runs a free community where they discuss trading and investment opportunities.

10. @CallToLeap

TikTok CallToLeap is an investment education account with over 800K followers. The channel is run by Steve Chen, a former middle school math teacher turned personal finance educator. 

Steve has reached financial freedom and now uses his time teaching others how to retire early. The content on CallToLeap is valuable to everyone, whether you’ve just got into investing or you’ve been in the game for a while.