40 Funniest Bitcoin Memes To Share With Your Friends



We all know how stressful cryptocurrency trading can be – especially in the last few weeks! Crypto markets have shown some crazy volatility ?, with digital currencies plummeting – and Bitcoin was no exception. The recent announcements by Iran and China have meant Bitcoin’s price has taken a huge hit; and with nobody knowing what’s going to happen next, it can seem like tough times ahead. 

However, to help take your mind off of everything that’s going on, we’ve created a selection of the best memes about Bitcoin that will help you smile. ? Now all you have to do is sit back, chill out, and enjoy these hilarious Bitcoin memes! ?

1.When you’re out a nice walk but can’t stop thinking about your Bitcoin holdings. 

2. Oh Bitcoin…why do you do this to us?!

3. What a difference a year can make…

4. Sleep is for the weak. 

5.When Angelina Jolie tells you to hold, you hold.

6.#WolfofWallStreet #GordonGekko 

7. Doing the Billionaire Strut all the way to the bank. 

8.Put your hand up if this relates to you….*puts hand up*

9. Cars? No thanks. More Bitcoin? Yes please!

10. Ok, this one just makes us feel bad…

11. That mansion will come one day…won’t it?

12. If there’s a picture of someone’s shocked face in the thumbnail, then you KNOW it’s good research….

13. Who wants money in the bank when it could go to the moon?

14.Crypto trading ages you at 5x speed – fact.

15.Look honey, it’s just one more trade, I promise…

16. Gandalf was a HODLER, we all know it. 

17.She’ll never understand…

18. It all seems so easy when it’s written in your plan! Until you press that trade button…

19.“DID YOU SEE ELON MUSK’S LATEST TWEET?” – Every crypto trader in 2021. 

20. My kids will thank me one day…

21. They say not to compare yourself with others…but…

22. Yeah it doesn’t hurt that much…I promise…

23. BTC/USD, why u do this 2 me?

24. “Hahahah I didn’t think you’d ACTUALLY invest though”…

25. If you know, you know…

26. Diamond hands all the way baby!!!

27.But was it even a good pizza though?

28. Why is life so hard?

29. The only party I need is me, my laptop, and the charts.

30. Buying Bitcoin at $10 > Saving the world from destruction. 

31. Who needs a stop-loss when you’re a fully-fledged HODLER #ToTheMoon

32. Those electricity bills are gonna be through the roof (no pun intended)

33.  I guess you’ll be waiting a while…

34. The crypto rollercoaster is fun. I promise you won’t regret it. Jump on…

35. Tell me a better feeling than seeing those green 1H candles. I’ll wait.

36. Don’t forget – there are always price corrections.

37. Ohhhhh

38. Bitcoin lately be like…

39.  When You hope your neighbour has a good weed, but he is just “investing”. 

40. Cheers!

Don’t forget to share these memes with your friends! ❤️

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