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Top 18 AI/Robot Companies Trading Watchlist


Robot and Artificial Intelligence ? takeover is heavily fueled by the pandemic. What can you do about it? See the trend in advance and profit from it. ? As traders we can protect ourselves and our finances better than anyone. 

We believe now is the ⏰ to invest in companies that are at the forefront of AI / Robot research and development so below is a list of which companies to focus on and why.  

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#1 Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA)

TESLA – Electric Vehicle manufacturer that is years ahead of the competition with their learning and adapting autonomous driving Ai. If you strip away the comfort, it is essentially a high tech self-driving robot. The advance in large part powered by Ai itself from revolutionary robotics that works hand in hand with human engineers to speed up the manufacturing process to the cars themselves loaded with AI systems to take you from A-Z and make the trip safer than you ever could. While many manufacturers (BMW, VW, Mercedes,etc.) offer electric vehicles(EV) as a side dish, Tesla is solely focusing resources on EV and AI development and unlike traditional manufacturers, Tesla also operates as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Mercedes and Toyota for example are sourcing Tesla components in their EV’s, which already sets Tesla up to have a massive head start over competitors. As the software and hardware get ironed out, self-driving Ai will become a necessity instead of an option for companies heavily relying on human drivers: Uber, Lyft, UPS, FedEx. Self-driving provides no driver lawsuits, fewer accidents, faster delivery times, more efficient route management, halted virus spread, and  24/7 productivity. Naturally hundreds of millions of drivers will lose their job, and this can set the foundation for protests, unrest, increased unemployment if re-qualification to other jobs is not provided.

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#2 Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL)

The parent company to Google needs no introduction. From products to software to create an environment for Ai developers to succeed in almost any domain. Google was relentless in its Ai pursuit right from the beginning in 1998. What started as solving the problem of “searching the web by voice” has now become an $800B Ai infrastructure with hundreds of Ai implementations. The most famous ones: Deepmind whose Ai systems range from diagnosing eye disease to reducing 30% of energy spent on Google data center cooling systems. Waymo – a self-driving project in competition with Tesla but using a different, more expensive add-on solution for vehicles instead of a built-in system. And the consumer-orientated Nest – smart home products, such as self-learning thermostats which can learn user’s habits and save energy, as well as smart security systems, smart locks, smart cameras, and many more. The enormous scale and power of Google, make it a dangerous competitor to every Ai company which is precisely the reason why so many have chosen to join it instead of competing with it.

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#3 Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT)

Leading the way in cancer research with The Hanover project and provider of Azure Ai – machine learning service with automated machine learning and edge deployment capabilities with industry-leading AI models that are being used today by millions in products such as Office 365, Xbox and Bing. The cloud-powered Azure Ai is extremely beneficial to developers in all areas from desktop applications to data ingestion and preparation, model development, and deployment. Developers also have access to Azure Bot. A bot can be built from the ground up in mere minutes and it can range from customer support and engagement, answering product related questions, and even providing guidance to users in multiple domains. This poses another risk to jobs where customer communication is required: retail, telecommunication, manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries.

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#4 Advanced Micro Devices  (NASDAQ: AMD)

Contributes to deep learning and machine learning solutions by delivering high-performance computing power (both CPUs and GPUs) with an open ecosystem for software development. Ai technology relies on computer hardware capable of the highest processing power to manage complex machine learning data sets and AMD is the leading provider of tools that do the job. The hardware is powering data centers and servers with the intent of eliminating traditional server bottlenecks. As the world becomes more and more digitalized, the hardware consumption will adjust accordingly and AMD being the top provider of this hardware will surely make it a contender for years to come.

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#5 Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA)

The inventor of the GPU and much like AMD now bringing GPU acceleration to AI. The NVIDIA DGX Systems are the world’s first portfolio of purpose-built Ai supercomputers ranging in various applications – the cloud, data centers, desktops, self-driving cars, and intelligent robotic machines. Also providing deep learning services to Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and many others. NVIDIA has also been consistently named among the Top 5 Ai companies to work for, along with a few others from this Trading Watchlist. With an established track record and the never-ending competition with AMD for the best CPU/GPU tech, this company will see tremendous competition-driven progress both short term and long term. Their data center revenue just topped $1 Billion for the first time.

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#6 Intel (NASDAQ: INTC)

Intel is leading the next evolution of computing with the power of Ai. Today, Intel technologies power some of the most promising AI use cases in business, society, and research. From massive clouds to tiny devices, Intel turns the promise of revolutionary Ai tech into a global-scale reality. If you use a computer of any sort, it is highly likely ( >80%) that it has some Intel components. The previous two, AMD, NVIDIA, and now Intel form the holy trinity of computer hardware manufacturers. They are the benchmark, the industry standard, and all three of them are ramping up their Ai research and development. This will undoubtedly produce massive growth to whichever one out-competes each other and makes the biggest leaps in the industry.

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#7 Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX)

The company uses Ai to personalize your viewing experience based on your viewing behavior. Thanks to data science and machine learning 75-80% of viewer activity is influenced by Netflix’s recommendation algorithms. The technology is subtly changing and enhancing our preferences for content and how this is achieved is quite complex. Nothing is random when you open up Netflix, from the portfolio of content to each thumbnail, all this is curated specially for you using Ai. And it does not end there, both pre and post-production for Netflix movies are heavily assisted by Ai, this ranges from location scouting, scheduling, the budget calculation to the actual editing of the movies and subtitles. As Netflix continues to deliver exactly what you want, all other means of visual content, iTunes, Hulu, Amazon, even Television are at risk. As of now Netflix has over 180 million subscribers, compared to 80 Million households in America still paying for cable TV. Ai curated content is the vision for the future, and Netflix is already at the epicenter of this.

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#8 John Deere (NASDAQ: DE)

The 180-year-old manufacturer of farming and industrial machinery has spent the past decade transforming itself into an AI-driven business. Literally. In 2017 John Deere acquired an Ai company Blue River Technology for $300 Million providing tractors with the ability to understand individual plants in crops like lettuce and corn and nowadays   Its Farm Forward 2.0 vision, is bringing autonomous farming into reality. A central hub – manned from the comfort of a home while automated farm equipment is doing the dirty work. What are the implications for the 23,000-year-old practice of farming? Faster achieved more productive yields, large scale unemployment in the industry, and traditional commercial farming equipment rendered obsolete. If John Deere continues on the same Ai-driven trajectory, this company will be a game-changer both to the industry, and to your wallet as an investor. 

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#9 Splunk (NASDAQ: SPLK)

This company is making strides toward smart technology that learns and grows over time. Splunk Machine Learning algorithms are reaching a level where they are successfully learning and executing based on the data around them, some of them without the need to be explicitly programmed. From sorting mountains of data to finding useful patterns in it, tedious data-heavy tasks that would take hundreds of hours for a human can now be done in a fraction of time using  Splunk AIOps platform’s algorithms.  Splunk is trusted by 92 companies out of the fortune 100, and you should too. With a portfolio of partnerships with the likes of Porsche, Lenovo, Tesco, Intel, and many more Splunk will surely move the goalposts in Ai industry.

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#10 Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) 

The key reason for the success of this company is the principle of making lives easier through technology. Trough the acquisition of more Ai startups than anyone else in the last decade and their in house developments Apple is merging software and hardware to create the best user experience possible. Apple uses artificial intelligence and machine learning in the iPhone, where it enables the FaceID feature, and AirPods, Apple Watch, or HomePod smart speakers, where it enables Siri voice assistant. Apple is also increasing its service offering and is using AI to recommend songs on Apple Music, help you organize files in the iCloud, or navigate you to your destination in Maps. A great company that will continue to provide Ai assisted and fine-tuned devices in the near future! A great buy-and-hold choice!

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#11 Quicklogic (NASDAQ: QUIK)

A semiconductor company that develops low power, multi-core semiconductor platforms, and Artificial Intelligence solutions for smartphones, wearable and hearable devices, tablets, consumer, and industrial good

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#12 Synopsys (NASDAQ: SNPS)

An AI-powered tech company that helps to build chips and software that are smart right from the get-go. It also provides electronic design automation software products used to design and test integrated circuits and other Ai driven products.




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#13 Veritone (NASDAQ: VERI)

 Developer of the aiWARE platform. An operating system that integrates and organizes a range of cognitive engines to reveal multivariate insights from structured and unstructured data, and conducts cognitive workflows based on these insights. The company and its technology serve media and entertainment, legal, and government markets.


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#14 Brainchip (NASDAQ: AZKLF)

Offers Akida Development Environment, a machine learning framework for creating, training, and testing spiking neural networks. A part of the company BrainChip Studio helps law enforcement and intelligence organizations to search video footage and identify patterns or faces using Artificial Intelligence algorithms. This and much more.

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#15 Salesforce (NASDAQ: CRM)

One of the earliest adopters of AI capabilities and technology and the largest customer relationship management software vendor. Also the developer of  Salesforce Einstein. An Ai technology that uses data gathered on every user action to provide predictive analytics, natural language processing capabilities, and machine learning to Salesforce customers. In short helps you sell more, and reach better results using Ai.

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#16 Facebook (NASDAQ: FB)

A company that needs no introduction and implements Ai in more ways than we could write about. Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) work to understand and develop systems with human-level intelligence on a wide spectrum: research, theory, algorithms, applications, software infrastructure, and hardware infrastructure across deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, speech, and reasoning. The best examples – DeepText and DeepFace, the former an engine that understands and interprets the emotional tone and content of the thousands of posts that are posted to Facebook at any given moment. The latter a facial recognition software that automatically identifies you in any photo posted on the platform, and by the way, way better than a human ever could.

Your capital is at risk – 81% of retail CFD accounts lose money

#17 Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN)

From warehouse robotics to the smart assistant Alexa, to unbelievable shopping algorithms that deliver products to you, before you even know you need them. The third-largest company in the world by market cap is at the forefront of AI. Amazon Web Services provide access to fast, high-quality AI tools for everyone based on the same technology used to power Amazon’s own businesses such as Amazon Go stores where you go in with your bag, pick what you need, and simply walk out and get charged afterwards by the all-seeing Ai that analyses what you picked up. This company has exploded in the past couple of years, largely thanks to effective Ai implementation and it is highly unlikely that at this point the trend would reverse. Amazon and Ai are inseparable now and this relationship will strengthen in the upcoming years. The retail industry as we know is under threat if Amazon Go advances on a multi-national scale.

Your capital is at risk – 81% of retail CFD accounts lose money

#18 Tencent (NASDAQ: HKD)

In 2016 Chinese multinational conglomerate holding company Tencent opened an AI lab in Shenzhen, China  with a vision to “Make AI Everywhere.” Its main focus is research in machine learning, speech recognition, natural language processing, and computer vision and the development of Ai applications in four areas: content, online games, social, and cloud services. It’s credited with dozens of leading technologies in image, face, and audio analysis, and its quest to become “the most respected internet enterprise” will not take the backseat anytime soon. Tencent has 1 billion users on its app WeChat. The data of 1/7 of the world’s population is readily available for Tencent to interpret, process, and leverage to the company’s advantage.

Your capital is at risk – 81% of retail CFD accounts lose money

Please save this trading watchlist and don’t forget to share it with your fellow traders. ?‍?‍?‍? Naturally we could not list all of the Ai needle-movers that are out there, but we believe the companies that are listed will see the biggest gains boosted directly by their use of Artificial Intelligence!

Whether we like it or not, Ai technology is here and will continue to shape the way we live and interact with the world and if you want to be a part of the process the opportunity is right in front of you: ?

18 companies shaping our future reality – 18 clear as day investing opportunities that you can put your focus on right now as buy and hold investor. ?

You have a choice: be a silent watcher,?‍♂️ or see the trends in advance and find a way to maximize your profit by taking part in the Artificial Intelligence revolution. ?