The SECRET currency nicknames

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Can you name which currency pairs have nicknames Barnie and Betty? Yes, those from the Flinstones If you can, well done! If not, don’t worry, the world of forex and finance is filled with the imaginative, amusing and odd!

Which currency pairs have nickname Barney and Betty?

secret currency nicknames
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secret currency nicknames

The secret currency nicknames
Explanation: And just for the record, Barney refers to the U.S. Dollar / Russian rouble currency pair, while the Betty refers to the Euro / Rouble pair.

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Nicknames for the most popular currencies and their pairs

  • USD (U.S. Dollar) – Greenback or Buck
  • GBP (British Pound) – Sterling
  • EUR (Euro) – Fiber
  • CHF (Swiss Franc) – Swissy
  • CAD (Canadian Dollar) – Loonie
  • AUD (Australian Dollar) – Aussie
  • NZD (New Zealand Dollar)- Kiwi
  • EUR/GBP (Euro/ British Pound) – Chunnel
  • EUR/JPY (Euro/ Japanese Yen) – Euppy
  • EUR/USD (Euro/ U.S Dollar) – Fiber
  • GBP/USD (British Pound/ U.S Dollar) – Cable
  • GBP/JPY (British Pound) – Gopher
  • USD/JPY (U.S Dollar/ Japanese Yen) – Ninja
  • USD/RUB ( U.S Dollar/ Russian Ruble) – Barney
  • EUR/RUB ( Euro / Russian Ruble) – Betty
  • EUR/BTC ( EURO/Bitcoin ) – Nakamoto

A Rally for the Buck?A Rally for the Buck

With a new president coming to the White House, the U.S. Dollar has been rallying recently. A U.S. Dollar is also called a buck from the time when hunters used to use the skin of the male deer for trading. A male deer is called a buck, and the name stuck when paper money became common. So if you hear on Bloomberg that “the buck is rallying” that means the U.S. Dollar is increasing.

Sterling stumbles?Sterling stumbles

The official currency of the United Kingdom of Great Britain is called the Pound Sterling. So if you hear that the “Sterling has stumbled” that means that the Pound has gone down in value compared to other currencies. This can happen when bad financial news affects the UK, such as when the Brexit vote occured.

Why Is The Euro Called the “Fiber”?Why Is The Euro Called the "Fiber"?

The Euro has attracted the nickname “Fiber” which is taken to be a reference to the new age cotton polymer fiber blend that is used in each banknote

Why do Canadians use Loonies?Why do Canadians use Loonies?

Canada introduced a new one dollar coin in 1987. The image on one side is of a common bird, the loon in front of a Canadian landscape. Since then, both the dollar coin and the currency have been known as the “loonie”.

Kiwi slips?Kiwi slips?

Half a world away, New Zealand also uses a bird as a nickname for its currency. The tini Kiwi bird is native to New Zealand and the local currency is called the “Kiwi Dollar” or “Kiwi” for short. So if you hear a commentator saying “the Kiwi has slipped” it means it has declined in value.

USD/JPY – Ninja in the newsUSD/JPY - Ninja in the news

Japanese currency is known as the Yen, and is unique because it is much higher denomination than most other major currencies. For example, one U.S. Dollar is  currently equal to around 115 Yen!

Which currency pair is the Chunnel?Which currency pair is the Chunnel?

Another odd currency pair name is the “Chunnel”. This is the pair between the Great Britain Pound and the Euro. The pair takes its name from the English channel tunnel that connect the UK and France.

AUD/USD – aussie and ozzy, why?AUD/USD – aussie and ozzy, why?

Australians are well known for shortening names into nicknames and the AUD to USD currency pair is another example. The pair is simply referred to as the “Aussie”.

Currency trading can seem confusing at first, but the interesting nicknames used by insiders make it really easy to learn and remember the dozens of currencies and pairs. Keep coming back and you’ll be an expert in no time!